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Our new greenhouse is getting ready for new plants this spring!  We planted even more heirloom variety fruits and vegetables and they are growing well.  We are dedicated to using non GMO seeds, and providing you with high quality produce.  Our new seed growing system is working great, and we are able to start seeds earlier, and have more produce for earlier farmers markets.  And with the increase in heirloom seeds we plan on using, you will see more variety as well.  Fun!


Kathy is still busy making jellies and jams with the rest of the fruit we harvested.  They are really delicious!  But we are getting low on our canned and frozen fruits, so we are really looking forward to a new harvest.  Check out the pictures from out farmers markets last year.  It is a family affair and we have a great time.  We are looking forward to more farmers markets this year, although you may not see as as frequently as in the past.  We need the opportunity for some personal family time, so we are going to try and not make quite as many markets.  But next year we will probably be back at it full force. 


Also we registered our farm as a monarch waystation site on  We have also registered our farm with Pollinator Partnership as habitat for pollinators. 




Harvest Pictures